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"Adroit lawyering at the trial level..."
That's not just what then-Presiding Justice David Sills said about our trial court work, it's how he opened the appellate opinion that he authored in our victory in Whalen-Camacho v Darden Restaurants, Inc., because during oral argument, Justice Sills noted that the trial judge had made a mistake in his remarks from the bench. It was a mistake that could have resulted in the Court of Appeal sending the case back to Superior Court for a reconsideration that could have resulted in a defense judgment.

However, we had noticed the mistake, too, and we had immediately recognized its importance should the defendant choose to pursue an appeal. So we fixed that mistake for the judge by offering to prepare the court's written order. In that order, we included statements by the judge, supported by the record, to override the judge's remarks from the bench. The judge saw the proposed order, struck some parts he did not want to include, but kept the portions that corrected his misstatement during the hearing.

Once we directed the Court of Appeal's attention to the written order, the panel voted 3-0 to uphold the trial court's ruling. Before the appeal was argued, the defense had offered no more than $50,000. After our win in the Court of Appeal, the case settled for $5.5 million. Here's how Justice Sills began the unanimous decision:

"top 10% for preparedness, professionalism and skill in advocacy."

That's what Orange County Superior Court Judge Mary Fingal Erickson said about us in an order granting our client's attorney's fees after our trial victory in a 2004 wage & hour case. Here's the conclusion of the court's minute order:
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